Portrait of stylish senior African American couple.

Washington Post Reports on ‘Village’ groups, home alterations

An article in the Washington Post highlighted the important benefits of aging-in-place, undertaking home modifications, and joining a "Village" group. The article profiles Bill Cousins, 88, who realized that he was ...
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Best Cities for Successful Aging Report cover

Best Cities for Sucessful Aging

This report by the Milken Institute, a nonprofit, nonpartisan economic think tank, explores the best cities for aging in the US. The report looked at 359 metro areas across the ...
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Closeup of an elderly man looking away in deep thought, depression

Aging and Loneliness

If you are planning to age in place, have you considered how you will combat loneliness? A recent study conducted by Cornell and published inPsychology and Aging explores the adverse ...
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Couple in home office with computer and paperwork smiling

Designing Technology for Older Adults

The Monitor has a wonderful interview with Wendy Rogers, PhD, director of the Human Factors and Aging Laboratory at Georgia Tech in Atlanta, describing how she understands the process of ...
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older couple sitting on couch watching TV

Designing Technology for Older Adults

The Monitor has a wonderful interview with Wendy Rogers, PhD, director of the Human Factors and Aging Laboratory at Georgia Tech in Atlanta, describing how she understands the process of ...
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interface of vital signs camera app with a male user's face being profiled

Vital Signs Camera App

emote monitoring and telehealthcare are topics that often get raised when people discuss the future of the Aging In Place movement, and this app from Phillips may be a sign ...
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streetscape with separate lanes for bikes and cars

Livable Communities: What Good is a UD Home if You Can’t Leave the House?

As Amy Levner, AARP's manager of education on livable communities, explains, "Universally Designed houses and livable communities must be  connected. Universally designed houses enhance mobility and quality of life inside ...
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Senior couple on cycle ride in countryside

Creating Communities to Age in Place

As baby boomers begin tackling aging in place, they are realizing the importance of community in maintaining one's health, wellness, and independence. Some seniors are choosing co-housing, where a group ...
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cover page of "the state of the nation's housing 2012"

Housing Study: Senior Households are Booming, Escalating Need for Assistive Services

The Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University (JCHS) has released it's 2012 The State of the Nation’s Housing report. According to U.S. census data, around 10,000 people will ...
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older woman sitting on an exercising ball with a nurse helping her keep balance

Older Adults with Disabilities Can Age Well in Place

Forty percent of community-dwelling older adults in the US have a disability. This can make the goal of aging-in-place even harder to achieve especially for lower-income individuals.  A six month ...
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Ageing in the twenty-first century report cover page

Ageing in the 21st Century

A report published by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) and HelpAge International investigates the challenges and solutions of aging in the 21st Century. The report is a collaboration of ...
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wounded warriors home

Homes for ‘Wounded Warriors’ Designed with Help of UB Architect

Architect Danise Levine of the University at Buffalo has completed design work with the Wounded Warrior Home Project, which will finish construction on two houses for wounded veterans today (Nov ...
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section of wheelchair user in blueprint

New York Apartment Complex Will Be Retrofitted for Accessibility

On July 25, 2011, the developer and architect of a 143-unit residential apartment complex in New York, New York, entered into consent decrees with the Department of Justice resolving a ...
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Woman's feet on onslip river-rock flooring

Remodeling Now to Avoid Accessibility Problems Later

From the March 2, 2011, issue of The New York Times comes this article about the growing number of people becoming aware about Universal Design and the advantages it offers ...
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Pattie Moore, her normal appearance (to the left) and her disguised self as an 80-year old woman (right side)

Universal Design Pioneer: Why Design Still Excludes Many

Pattie Moore, a gerontologist who studies the social science of aging, designs products with older adults in mind. When Moore was 26 she disguised herself as an 80-year old woman ...
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AIA Design for Aging Review Report cover

AIA Design for Aging Review Report

In 2011, the American Institute of Architect's Design for Aging Knowledge Community conducted its eleventh biennial Design for Aging Review design competition (DFAR11). This report on the DFAR11 describes the ...
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accessible housing units

Fair Housing Act: Good, But Good Enough?

From the October 2009 Universal Design Newsletter By: Denise Hofstedt While the Fair Housing Act has been responsible for adding more than 1.6 million accessible housing units across the country ...
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No Country for Old Men

Design firm L+W created the “No Country for Old Men” collection in 2012, which consists of Together – a set of walking aids and carts, Aussunta – a chair that ...
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person walking in a hallway with others siting the background
Recreation: A younger gentleman walking with an older man in the park
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Streets: people crossing an intersection
Housing: exterior view of a suburban house
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