New Canadian Accessibility Council


The capital city of Nunavut Canada has recently announced the possibility of a Canadian Accessibility Council being formed next year. The committee would assess accessibility issues within current and future infrastructure, and act as a stamp of accessibility approval for building projects. Currently in its beginning stages, the plan for the creation of the council was established after the board members of the Nunavummi Disabilities Makinnasuaqtit Society highlighted the need for accessibility renovations within the community. Despite the concern over building costs, it has been agreed that a council would be a positive step toward solving local accessibility issues, and would go a long way towards making sure any future building projects will be inclusive to all.

Universal Design (UD) is an approach to design that increases the potential for developing a better quality of life for a wide range of individuals. It is a design process that enables and empowers a diverse population by improving human performance, health and wellness, and social participation (Steinfeld and Maisel, 2012). It creates products, systems, and environments to be as usable as possible by as many people as possible regardless of age, ability or situation.