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back of a head staring at papers on a wall

Good design should be inclusive and accessible — but what’s the difference?

What does someone who’s hard of hearing, someone with a severe ear infection, and a commuter on a packed subway who forgot their earphones have in common? They would all ...
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Shaheem Sanchez

Meet the Dancer Combining Sign Language & Hip Hop

Music and dance are such universal parts of the human experience. They are fundamental to who we are. So, why is it that so many people assume the Deaf or hearing ...
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How Architecture Could Help Us Adapt to the Pandemic

The virus isn’t simply a health crisis; it is also a design problem ...
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Feet walking down steps with a white cane

Lockdown Might Be Easing But Not For Disabled People Like Me

This new normal risks being a society without disabled people, Amy Kavanagh writes ...
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Screenshot of a Zoom video chat

Zoom fatigue is something the deaf community knows very well

As work and life events go remote, people are increasingly sharing the feeling of “Zoom fatigue.” Little do they know they’re experiencing a sliver of what the deaf and hard of hearing ...
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Man in a wheelchair, women standing behind, with you girl in front

How COVID-19 impacts people with disabilities

Research shows people with disabilities are at risk for mental health problems ...
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Back of a man's head, looking at designs pinned up on a wall

Good design should be inclusive and accessible — but what’s the difference?

What does someone who’s hard of hearing, someone with a severe ear infection, and a commuter on a packed subway who forgot their earphones have in common? ...
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Screenshot of a Zoom meeting with six individuals using sign language

Accessibility Tips for a Better Zoom/Virtual Meeting Experience

These tips are focused on the needs of deaf and hard of hearing participants in virtual workplace meetings ...
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keyboard with green colored key that reads 'accessibility'

How to Make Your Virtual Meetings and Events Accessible to the Disability Community

Data from the Pew Research Center shows that disabled people are actually much less likely to use the internet, which may be in part because inaccessibility remains a serious barrier. So, let’s ...
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Why Netflix’s Crip Camp is a landmark for disability representation on screen

The Netflix documentary, executive produced by Barack and Michelle Obama, is groundbreaking in its depiction of people with disabilities and their fight for civil rights. Here's why ...
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The Philadelphia pride flag designed by More Color More Pride

Marginalized by design

LGBTQ+ designers are here, queer, and being overlooked ...
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In 1988, three Canadian Captioning Development Agency employees watch television monitors in a studio where closed captioning is done.

How Deaf Advocates Won the Battle for Closed Captioning and Changed the Way Americans Watch TV

Whenever people “watch captions in noisy environments such as gyms and bars, they have the deaf community to thank.” ...
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Boy's sweet reaction to ad goes viral

A 2-year-old boy’s reaction to a Target ad is a powerful reminder of why representation matters

For young Oliver Garza-Pena, the trip to the store was like any other. But then he looked up and saw someone staring back who looked just like him ...
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Bright horizon student smiling the in swing set

Q’STRAINT Inclusion Swing-Set Renovation Project

Helping all bright horizon students regain their fun ...
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Individuals holding up a variation of speech bubbles

It’s Time To Explore The Unique And Conflicting Narratives Of Disability Issues

In at least one way, disability issues are the same as any other issue. Facts and details are important, but they don’t explain the full range of debated approaches and ...
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Collage of Market Street being "car-free"

San Francisco’s busiest street is now car-free

San Francisco Mayor London Breed announced Wednesday that over two miles of Market Street — which she calls the "everyday backbone of the City" — is now car-free to help ...
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The State of “Inclusive Design” in 2020 – a study of importance towards Usability and Identity

With an ever-growing amount of people using the world wide web, comes a growing amount of people who are being underrepresented by baseline designs, thoughts and common assumptions – a ...
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Adaptive fashion from: (left) Kintsugi and Zappos Adaptive, styled by Stephanie Thomas of Cur8able.

Why 2019 was a landmark year for disabled fashion

Despite Nike and Tommy Hilfiger X Zendaya making clothes for a disabled audience, the conversation around it is just beginning ...
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Man shoveling snow at a footpath

We Can Do Better On Winter Weather Accessibility

Exploring disability practices, policy, politics, and culture ...
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Tablet kiosks

Ensuring an Accessible Kiosk Experience

Restaurants are increasingly reliant on self-service technology to improve the customer experience. From handheld or desktop tablets used to collect payment to kiosks used for self-service ordering, technology allows restaurants ...
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My Disabled Body Is Not a ‘Burden.’ Inaccessibility Is

"If I fought to change everything that wasn’t accessible to my disabled body, I would have to mold society between my warm palms, stretch it like putty, and reshape its ...
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Newly-installed tactile brain model located in the Anatomy and Pathology Gallery at the National Museum of Health and Medicine in Silver Spring, Maryland. The interactive model was produced by TouchGraphics Inc.


"The museum is dedicated to developing inclusive experiences for all visitors by providing accessible programming and features. We seek to enhance the visitor experience by designing tours and exhibits that ...
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Domino's Pizza petitioned the U.S. Supreme Court to take up an ADA case involving its website and mobile app.

Supreme Court Won’t Hear Domino’s Pizza Website Access Dispute

Domino’s Pizza Inc. won’t be able to evade a lawsuit claiming it doesn’t ensure blind people can order food through its website and mobile app ...
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Maysie Gonzales using the internet on her laptop

Why much of the internet is closed off to blind people

As our everyday world moves increasingly online, the digital landscape presents new challenges for ensuring accessibility for the blind. A recent court challenge against Domino's pizza may be a watershed ...
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These carts are now available at all Wegmans stores.

Wegmans offers new shopping carts for children with special needs

Wegmans is rolling out new carts that better support children with certain special needs. The Firefly GoTo Shop cart is designed for children ages 2 to 8 or up to ...
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Elderly man talking on the phone, looking at his wrist watch, with a laptop siting on his lap.

Better design could make mobile devices easier for seniors to use

A loud “bing” sounded as we drove onto the highway access ramp. I didn’t see a message on our car’s screen. Was it my phone or my wife’s? Was it ...
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Back of a women's head listening to headphones

Accessible Museums: Using Technology to Open the Doors

A new generation of accessible museums is opening the door to people who may find access challenging. They are doing this by using technology in a range of innovative ways ...
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ADA Website Accessibility Guide

Your website visitors are just as diverse as the community you serve and to deny them access to the content on your web page is the same as not providing ...
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Preety Kumar, the CEO of Deque

Microsoft and Deque make accessibility easy for millions of developers

Most people without disabilities ignore articles about accessibility because they seem irrelevant to them. With the digital world becoming more integral to our lives, and disabilities being acquired through accidents, ...
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Design Core Detroit Launches Podcast on Inclusive Design and Sustainable Development

Design Core Detroit has launched The Detroit City of Design Podcast, hosted by Design Core's Executive Director, Olga Stella ...
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young girl in wheelchair splashing in water park

This New Water Park In Texas Was Designed For Kids With Disabilities

Every section of the new water park, named Inspiration Island, is wheelchair accessible and guests with special needs are admitted at no cost ...
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For those with hearing impairments, restaurant noise isn’t just an irritation. It’s discrimination.

Restaurants these days are louder than ever, to the point where critics check volume levels and diners grouse about them ...
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Assisted Travel Lounge

Access for All: assisted travel lounge opens in Birmingham

A dedicated assisted travel lounge has opened at Birmingham New Street station in our latest effort for our Access for All Programme ...
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Mr Emerson after attending Holi Festival celebrations in India.

Photographer Kristan Emerson is legally blind, experiences the world as bright, colourful place

Imagine a world where flashes of colour, approaching and receding sound, as well as the kind words of a dedicated family member, are the only way you know where to ...
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Ikea's 3D-printed wrist support for gamers.

IKEA launches gaming products focused on accessibility and esports

IKEA is partnering with medical wearables company UNYQ to release a line of gaming accessibility product ...
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Peppa Pig Illustration

“Peppa Pig” Introducing Mandy Mouse Is a Major Moment for Disability Representation

"The series is based on the real experiences of small children and disability is a part of the world.” ...
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Aaron Philips

Aaron Philip: The trans, disabled model taking on a $2-trillion industry

Aaron Philip's life has been transformed by becoming the first black, trans, disabled model to sign for a major agency. Since joining the renowned Elite Model Management last September, the ...
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Why I will start including accessibility information in my restaurant reviews

Never mind what’s on the menu. A number of readers have told me my reviews would be more helpful if I let them know whether they can simply get through ...
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a lime colored wall can serve as a landmark for locating a staircase

A Closer Look at Universal Design

Something designed under the guiding principles of universal design should be usable by all people to the greatest extent possible. By definition, it should inherently be as accessible as possible ...
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Using Voice Interfaces to Make Products More Inclusive

Whether you’re creating services, physical products, or software, inclusive design is essential. Inclusive design means making products accessible to, and usable by, as many people as possible. Voice user interfaces ...
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Hands trying to open a jar

How to make packaging more accessible

Designing packaging that is easier to read, open and use for blind and disabled people ultimately improves everyone’s user experience ...
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Geography undergraduate student Cole Anderson poses for a portrait in the skyway between Blegen Hall and the Social Sciences Building on Thursday, April 18. Anderson's geography classes are in Blegen Hall and his advisor's office is in the Social Sciences Building, but he can't use the skyway because there aren't automated push plates to open the doors.

Day-to-day life differs for those with disabilities at the University

While advocates have made progress, some students feel the University still isn't equipped to support their needs ...
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Lisa White

Lisa White: Design Biennale Saint-Étienne

TLmag caught up with Lisa White, the curator of International Design Biennale Saint-Étienne 2019. The festival -Me, Nous, You- explores inclusive design ...
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Illustration of National Disability Theatre

National Disability Theatre Launches with Ambitious Goals for Inclusion in American Theater

So, as a storyteller, I ask myself, how might the stories we tell on stage change if they are told from a disability perspective? ...
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ThisAbles line of products

Ikea is hacking its own furniture for people with disabilities

Now Ikea Israel has teamed up with the nonprofits Milbat and Access Israel, each of which specializes in making the world more accessible, to develop a series of modifications to fix popular Ikea ...
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Rendering of the Cincinnati Art Museum's New Ramp

Cincinnati Art Museum Looks Toward Accessibility with a New Front Entrance Ramp

The Cincinnati Art Museum will begin construction on a new front entrance ramp this week. The ramp comes as an addition to the DeWitt entrance, an accessible entrance at the ...
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Cory Joseph walks in Portland, Oregon

Announcing “Access,” a Short Film About Accessibility

Today I released Access, my short documentary about accessibility. It follows Cory Joseph through a typical day, showing how he uses his smartphone, Braille display, tactile watch, and guide dog (named ...
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Blind emojis

To Anyone Who Doesn’t Understand ‘the Point’ of Blind Emojis

In 2018 it was announced that a new series of disability-inclusive emojis would be released in 2019. These emojis included wheelchair users, amputees, deaf individuals and, to my delight, blind characters ...
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Young boy with large headphones and holding a microphone, smiling

Making the Museum Autism Friendly

People with autism can find busy, crowded environments difficult. This means that a visit to a museum at peak time could be challenging. During these times there are lots of ...
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lapwrap cover

LapWrap Positioning Pad Provides Security for the Patient and Versatility for the Surgical Team

The LapWrap ensures complete patient stability by firmly securing patients’ arms by their sides during the entire surgical procedure, with full visual access for the surgical team ...
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Corey Joseph

The Importance of Inclusive Design

Everyone should be able to access information or use a product and/or service easily.  ...
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Recreation: A younger gentleman walking with an older man in the park
Public Buildings: aerial view of city buildings
Streets: people crossing an intersection
Housing: exterior view of a suburban house
Transportation: close up of dangling handles on a bus