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Good UX Is Good Business: How To Reap Its Benefits


User experience (UX) design focuses on enhancing user satisfaction by improving how we interact with the websites, applications and devices in our lives. In other words, UX makes complex things easy to use.

While the term “UX” is relatively new, the concept of user-friendly design has been around for generations. “Good design is good business,” the second president of IBM, Thomas J. Watson, famously told Wharton students in 1973. “We are convinced,” he said, “that good design can materially help make a good product reach its full potential.”

Accessibility features need support, too


A few years ago, Apple Inc. captured yet another huge slice of the consumer market by releasing a new iPhone that was, out of the box, completely accessible to blind and low-vision users. The triumph was stunning on several fronts. First, while blind and low-vision people were texting and sending email using other cellphones, it was only made possible by purchasing secondary software for several hundred dollars. The other feat that amazed was that the iPhone is operated via touch screen controls, no physical buttons to touch and push.