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DOJ Releases a Report on Accessibility of Federal Government Electronic and Information Technology


The DOJ has released its Section 508 report, “Accessibility of Federal Electronic and Information Technology,” to the President and Congress. The report provides findings based on a survey of federal agencies on the accessibility of their electronic and information technology (EIT) and the procedures used to implement Section 508.

From 2010 to 2011 the DOJ surveyed federal agencies regarding their implementation of Section 508. The survey asked about four areas: procurement, general processes for implementing Section 508, administrative complaints/civil actions, and website compliance.

The report found that most agency components have general Section 508 policies (over 50 percent), as well as Section 508 Coordinators (nearly 70 percent). Most components (over 90 percent) incorporate Section 508 requirements into their procurements for EIT in some way. Few agencies have received Section 508 complaints. Most components (70 percent) have accessibility policies in place for websites and a majority (nearly 58 percent) perform some type of evaluation and remediation on their websites.

The report recommends that agencies establish and publish Section 508 and web accessibility policies and procedures, appoint Section 508 Coordinators and establish Section 508 programs, provide more Section 508 training to personnel, ensure accessibility of EIT used in federally funded programs, develop procurement policies and specific solicitation language for Section 508 requirements, perform accessibility testing of EIT products and web pages, establish specific Section 508 complaint processes including alternative dispute resolution, and improve inter-agency coordination on Section 508 compliance.