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RERC on Universal Interface and IT Access


Trace Research & Development Center, University of Wisconsin – Madison | Focuses on accessibility and usability of current and emerging information technologies, including access to information content in its various forms, as well as access to interfaces used within content and by electronic technologies in general.

Metro Barriers in D.C. Metropolitan Area


At the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society’s latest annual meeting in Las Vegas, a case was presented that found that the Washington, D.C. Metro system, although a work in progress, still has many barriers for handicapped riders. This is contrary to Metro spokesman Dan Stessel, who claimed that after pouring a significant amount of investments into the Metro system, it is now ADA-compliant.

Two ergonomics consultants from California assessed both the Takoma Park and Dupont Stations, and found quite a bit of features that weren’t accessible, including entrances, vending machines, gaps between the trains and the platforms, fast-closing doors, and more. These inaccessible features would either make travel more tedious for, or totally eliminate a person with mobility hindrances from using the service all together.