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WeMo Baby – The iPhone Baby Monitor


Belkin has made parenting a little more convenient with the new WeMo Baby iPhone Baby Monitor that turns your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch into a baby monitor. Setting up the WeMo Baby is very easy – after putting the monitor in the baby’s room, parents can download the free application on their iOS device and simply connect to their Wi-Fi network. The application offers helpful alerts about the baby’s status, and an upgrade is available through Evoz that allows parents to receive notifications when their baby begins to cry. Upgrading also enables parents to see their baby’s crying patterns, which can be very helpful in planning the baby’s sleep schedule. Compatible with all iOS mobile products, this product can be purchased at select retailers for $89.99.

BeClose – New Technology for Aging-In-Place


Designed to address the common trend of seniors aging in place rather than in an assisted living community, BeClose uses motion sensors, which are compatible with beds, chairs, and doors. The sensors are used in partnership with Telehealth Sensors, and indicate the person’s location and how long they are away from the bed or chair. For example, a dispatch service is triggered if a bed is empty for more than 30 minutes at an unusual time of night – relative to the person’s daily routine. Facilitated by wireless remote technology, it has been getting the attention of several health agencies, recently signing an agreement with Canadian dispatch service, Carelink Advantage. The company will serve as a distribution partner for Be Close.

The system will be used by both caregivers and institutional customers, using a wireless “base station” that receives all alerts set off by sensors. It is not only designed to serve the elderly population, but also those who are living with cognitive and mobility challenges.