Disabled parking spots are available in the lot next to the Bexar County Courthouse.

The Americans with Disabilities Act: Why It’s Not Enough

Great strides have been made since the passage of the ADA. Increasing access has allowed the disabled to better take part in public life. But at the risk of sounding negative, it’s not ...
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Lance Wyman looking at a computer screen

Wayfinding With Lance Wyman

A talk with the designer behind some of North America’s most famous subways, walkways, zoos—and pretty much any other place people need help finding their way around ...
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Michael McCulloch, 63, a member of the test group that helps Metropolitan Transit Authority experiment with Bluetooth beacons, poses with an app-in-progress that he is assisting to develop for visually-impaired passengers at a bus stop on May 24.

Beacons Put Metro at Forefront of Disabled Service Advances for Transit

For less than the cost of a single bus, however, Metro might be the first transit agency in the country to take a significant step across an entire bus system ...
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An activist from the Elevator Action Group with Rise and Resist speaking to NYCT President Andy Byford

New York’s Subway Is Hell for Riders with Disabilities

Only 24 percent of the system’s 472 stations are ADA-accessible, which makes New York subways the least accessible major mass transit system in the country ...
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people enjoying the exterior of an outdoor garden area with paths and seating

What Would a Truly Disabled-Accessible City Look Like?

Most cities are utterly unfriendly to people with disabilities – but with almost one billion estimated to be urban-dwellers by 2050, a few cities are undergoing a remarkable shift ...
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A curb ramp pictured in east Portland in 2013

Portland to settle with wheelchair users for $113 million in sidewalk fixes

Portland is preparing to settle a class action legal dispute with mobility-disabled residents by agreeing to upgrade more than 16,000 sidewalk ramps at a cost of $113 million over the ...
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Cyclists and pedestrians enjoy the Dequindre Cut, an important part of Detroit’s riverfront greenway system.

City of Design: The Evolving Practice of Inclusive Design in Detroit

Detroit’s design community has set an ambitious vision—to become a global leader in the practice of inclusive design in order to drive more inclusive growth ...
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Complete Street Advertisement Illustration

Pedestrian-friendly road design law tied to fewer traffic deaths

Pedestrian deaths have decreased significantly in Florida since the state implemented a law mandating roadway design that accommodates walkers and cyclists from the beginning, according to a new study ...
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Transit users who isn't physically able to tap a Compass Card at SkyTrain fare gates, passing through the gate using a radio-frequency identification card

TransLink Launches Hands-Free Access System for People with Disabilities

Transit users who aren't physically able to tap a Compass Card at SkyTrain fare gates will soon be able to gain access by using a radio-frequency identification card ...
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interior of public transit station

Introducing “wheelchair accessible” routes in transit navigation

 To make public transit work for everyone, today we’re introducing “wheelchair accessible” routes in transit navigation to make getting around easier for those with mobility needs ...
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Red public transit seats, and isle.

Research In Focus: A Weekly Digest of New Research from the NIDILRR Community

One-Size May Not Fit All: Wheelchair and Scooter Users Compare the Usability of Different Public Bus Layouts ...
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Individual in wheelchair being guided down the barrier free paths of the Pompeii Archaeological Site

“Pompeii for all”: wheelchair and stroller accessible path

The project “Pompeii for all. Accessibility paths overcoming architectural barriers” can be considered Italy’s longest barrier-free path and it represents another step forward in the rebirth of Pompeii Archaeological Site ...
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Streets of Berlin featuring a women walking next to a man in a wheelchair

The Disabled Flâneur

My diagnosis won't keep me away from the city streets and the sweet energy that's found there, even if someday I "walk" by dint of wheels ...
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Data table showing the increase in knowledge that New Yorkers had of the speed limit

When Lowering Speed Matters Most

When it comes to advancing Vision Zero — the goal of eliminating traffic fatalities and severe injuries — speed matters most ...
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Interior of an illuminated transit stop

Google Maps on Android Now Tells You When To Get Off Bus or Train

This new feature will keep track of departure times, ETAs of buses and trains, and also tell you where you should get down to reach your destination or to get ...
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Rendering by Valley Metro of the new 50th Street Station on Washington Street in Phoenix that was built specifically to meet the needs of people with disabilities.

In Phoenix, a Light Rail Station Designed For, and By, People With Disabilities

Hundreds of people with a wide range of disabilities go to the Ability360 center on Washington Street each day for recreational activities like wheelchair lacrosse or adaptive climbing-however-it has always ...
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Wheeled mobility device driving on the side of the road, due to snow covered sidewalks

Snow covered sidewalks make travel difficult for people with disabilities

The snow is causing serious concerns for those living with disabilities in our area. Many are feeling trapped inside their homes because of snow covered sidewalks ...
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Steve Mahan, who is legally blind, rides in the gumdrop-shaped autonomous car as the first non-Google employee to ride alone. The ride was in October 2015 in Austin, Texas.

Driverless cars promise more mobility for elderly

They are too old to drive safely or cannot see well enough or otherwise have sound reason to fear climbing behind the wheel of a car. For them, a future ...
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Public Transportation illustration by Tommy Parker at Synergy

What is life really like for disabled people? The Disability Diaries reveal all

We asked seven people to keep diaries for a month to document the reality of being disabled in Britain today. Frances Ryan reflects on the issues that arose – public ...
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Young man assisting an elder couple onto a public transit bus.

How to Make a Community More ‘Age-Friendly’

Transportation options, healthy living, access to palliative care - all are essential ...
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Individual testing wheelchair on public transportation system-another individual is tracking information on the test.

UB awarded funding to test wheelchair securement systems for public buses

UB's IDeA Center received a $600,000 grant to test two new types of securement systems for public transportation riders who use a wheeled mobility device ...
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The recently redesigned intersection of Columbus Avenue and 70th Street to make cyclists more visible to drivers turning across the bike lane.

DOT Tests Out New Intersection Design for Protected Bike Lanes

At Columbus Avenue and 70th Street, the agency has replaced a "mixing zone" with a new design that should reduce conflicts between passing cyclists and turning drivers ...
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Individual testing the new virtual reality goggles

Virtual Reality Project May Give New Wheelchair Users a Confidence Boost

A group of designers has made a virtual reality system that lets people push a real wheelchair through a virtual world. This new system will give the newly-disabled may soon have ...
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The Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center on Accessible Public Transportation at Carnegie Mellon and UB is studying ways to make buses safer and more accessible for all riders. Photo: Courtesy of the Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center on Accessible Public Transportation

Partnership with University at Buffalo and local NFTA making public transportation more accessible

A research partnership between the University at Buffalo and the Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority (NFTA) is working to dramatically improve the public transit experience for the region’s many riders who ...
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Individual walking their two dogs on the outside of the San Francisco Civic Center. He appears to be one of the few on the outside of the building that is one of the liveliest public spaces on the inside.

Designing a More Inclusive City

Over the years, public seating has been removed from virtually the entire city. While this anti-homelessness strategy has given way a little with the emergence of the city’s many parklets, ...
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Metro stations map of Paris representing nine out of the 303 station being fully accessible.

Access denied: wheelchair metro maps versus everyone else’s

From Paris to New York, we’ve matched metro maps against versions that only include fully accessible stations. The results are discouraging – but are any cities doing it right? ...
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Corner curb of sidewalk with pedestrian walking

Sidewalks and the “last mile” problem

We forget that walking can be a part of our public transit system too ...
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driver and passenger in lyft car

Lyft promises to make ride-hailing more accessible through partnership with the National Federation of the Blind

Lyft is working to make its rides more accessible. The ride-hailing company this week joined with the National Federation of the Blind for a partnership that promises to increase awareness ...
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Smart cities work for people with disabilities

Smart cities, so named because they boast technology and design that make them work better for their residents, are getting a lot of attention — and government funding — in ...
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london neighborhood scene

How design can help inclusive growth

This week the Inclusive Growth Commission published their final findings and recommendation after an independent enquiry into how the UK can achieve inclusive growth ...
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female in wheelchair entering back of car

Involve disabled people early in planning driverless car revolution

Many disability advocates have begun to see the prospect of the driverless car or autonomous vehicle (AV) as a truly revolutionary mobility solution ...
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paratransit user boarding a bus using a lift

Transit systems eye Uber, Lyft for savings on the disabled

Several U.S. transit systems looking to defray costs of providing services for the disabled are weighing partnerships with Uber and Lyft, unsettling some advocates who note that ride-hailing services have ...
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The End of Public Transit?

The End of Public Transit?

Start-ups are proving more efficient than government in areas like transportation. Should some services be privatized? ...
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man and woman sitting at a table talking

Network Rail launches inclusive design strategy

Network Rail has set up a built environment accessibility panel and vowed to use inclusive design principals to make the rail system more usable for people with disabilities ...
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Transportation must connect communities to opportunity

FENWAY PARK IS Major League Baseball’s oldest ballpark. Even with its age-old quirks and idiosyncrasies, Fenway represents the best of baseball’s august traditions, from the red seat that marks the ...
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woman in wheelchair ascending bus ramp

Transit systems eye Uber, Lyft for savings on the disabled

Several U.S. transit systems looking to defray costs of providing services for the disabled are weighing partnerships with Uber and Lyft, unsettling some advocates who note that ride-hailing services have ...
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cover of lonely planet's accessible travel online resources

Lonely Planet’s “Travelling with a Disability” Guide Now Available

When you’re travelling with a disability or access issues, it’s important to know that your needs can be met in the destination you are travelling to. This means planning your ...
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a colorful pink, yellow and white car

Inclusion in Action: Giving Riders a Voice in Transportation Planning and Making Dialysis Less Stressful

Dialysis patients generally receive treatment several times per week, and missing a session can have real health consequences. Unfortunately, getting to treatment can be a challenge, and programs that try ...
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woman in wheelchair on train

The challenges faced by disabled commuters

The daily commute can be testing for many workers, but disabled travellers often face extra challenges and costs. One Paralympian told the BBC that public transport was simply not fit ...
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Uber and the OCAD Inclusive Design Institute logos

Uber and the OCAD Inclusive Design Institute team up to Improve Accessible Transportation in Toronto

Uber is committed to providing increased mobility to all riders through the use of our app. As we work towards this goal, we’re excited to share that we’re working with the ...
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rendering of the interior of a furturistic car

Year in Review: The Coming Age of Automobility and What it Means for Designers

Designers capable of considering systems as a whole and applying design thinking through considering human needs, balancing the benefits of breakthrough technologies and identifying new business paradigms will be essential ...
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subway train in motion

Disabilities in NYC: an Unnecessary Struggle Just to Get Around

For Dustin Jones, heading to work isn’t as simple as jumping on the subway. Jones lost his left foot in November 2011 to what he calls a “freak accident,” after ...
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moving subway

Disabilities in NYC: an Unnecessary Struggle Just to Get Around

For Dustin Jones, heading to work isn’t as simple as jumping on the subway. Jones lost his left foot in November 2011 to what he calls a “freak accident,” after ...
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person in a wheelchair with hands to face

Uber: Disability Laws Don’t Apply to Us

Is Uber letting its drivers dodge The Americans With Disabilities Act? Sometimes it slips Kristin Parisi’s mind that she’s disabled. After 25 years in a wheelchair—the result of a car ...
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cars driving on a street

Accessibility Urged On Road To Self-Driving Cars

A federal agency is calling on automakers and lawmakers alike to consider the needs of people with disabilities as self-driving cars inch closer to reality ...
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attendees of the National Transport Summit

National Transport Summit hosted at TUT looks at access to transport for people with disabilities

South Africa's first national conference that deals with access to transport for people with disabilities, in conjunction with the National Council for Persons with Physical Disabilities in South Africa (NCPPDSA), ...
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kenguru, the wheelchair-accessible electric vehicle

Kenguru Announces New Reservation System for Its Revolutionary Wheelchair-Accessible Electric Vehicle

The Kenguru is an electric vehicle specifically designed for wheelchair users. The Kenguru is licensed as an urban electric vehicle (UEV), like a motor scooter. While the Kenguru can reach ...
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UB IDeA Center receives $4.6 million federal grant

The University at Buffalo’s Center for Inclusive Design and Environmental Access (IDeA Center) has received a fourth round of federal funding to continue its work on a wide range of ...
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illustration of woman in wheelchair holding cell phone in front of a car

How one Paris startup is becoming an Uber for people with disabilities

When visiting Florida earlier this year, Parisian Charlotte de Vilmorin — who has been in a wheelchair her entire life — was desperately searching for a car adapted for people ...
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person walking in a hallway with others siting the background
Recreation: A younger gentleman walking with an older man in the park
Public Buildings: aerial view of city buildings
Streets: people crossing an intersection
Housing: exterior view of a suburban house
Transportation: close up of dangling handles on a bus