person in wheelchair using kiosk in airport

Accessibility Barriers Stall the $17-Billion Disability Travel Market, Survey Says

APEX Insight: A survey by the Open Doors Organization says that travelers with disabilities contribute $17.3 billion to the industry every year. As the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) celebrates its ...
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Edmonton International Airport’s Graphic Pattern on Floor

The Smart Floors Making Airports More Accessible for Disabled Travelers

The striking graphic floor tiles of Edmonton International Airport compliment the terminal’s distinctive modern appearance, but they’re far more beautiful than that. What might appear to other passengers as a decorative ...
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The Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center on Accessible Public Transportation at Carnegie Mellon and UB is studying ways to make buses safer and more accessible for all riders. Photo: Courtesy of the Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center on Accessible Public Transportation

Grant continues work to improve transit, sidewalk access

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University and UB are collaborating on a five-year, $4.6 million federally funded project to advance physical access and public transportation for people with disabilities by bringing ...
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cover image of TCRP Report 158 – Improving ADA Paratransit Demand Estimation: Regional Modeling

Improving ADA Paratransit Demand Estimation: Regional Modeling

The Transportation Research Board's Transit Cooperative Research Program has published a report, TCRP Report 158: Improving ADA Paratransit Demand Estimation: Regional Modeling, which includes planning models to help regional, state, and ...
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self driving car on the road in california

Self-Driving Vehicles: Inclusive for Disabled Drivers

California has recently become the third state to legalize the use of self-driving vehicles. The new vehicles were created by Google, and are currently being tested for regulations and safety ...
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moving bus on street

Access for All: New Buses Launched

Commuting just got easier for disabled bus riders in Oxford, England. Separate spaces for luggage, guide dogs and wheelchairs have been created on Oxford Bus Company vehicles, and were launched ...
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ariel view of several new york city cabs

NYC Taxi Dispatch System Launched

New York City's Taxi & Limousine Commission has launched its new dispatch system for riders who use mobility devices. The accessibility of NYC cabs has been a hotly contested issue ...
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passengers board an amtrak train

State to Seek ADA Waiver for Amtrak Platform Redesign

Milwaukee Governor Scott Walker's administration has stated that they will be seeking a formal exception from the ADA's level boarding requirement in order to proceed with an inaccessible renovation of ...
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air access - airline seat with a detachable wheelchair

Air Access by Priestmangoode

Air Access, a conceptual project designed by the design firm Priestmangoode, offers an interesting solution for how to improve accessibility on airplanes for people with mobility impairments. The design is ...
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hong kong pedestrian subway interior

Hong Kong to Improve Accessibility to Pedestrian Subways

Hong Kong Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying announced a plan to improve access to Hong Kong’s footbridges and pedestrian subways through a multi-million dollar plan to install elevators.  Currently underway in ...
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smarttrip card

New Metro SmarTrip Dispensers – Accessibility Fail?

Disability advocates are questioning the accessibility of the newly implemented SmarTrip card dispensers. Metro's plan was to make the cards more accessible to disabled riders, however, the proposed locations at ...
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Taxi driving through Times Square in New York

Accessible Taxis Make Their Way Across the US Nation

Accessible taxis have been making headlines over the United States. There are fifteen new taxis that are now available to Maryland’s Prince George’s county wheelchair users – a milestone 25 ...
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accessible features in a train station

Accessible Transportation for the 2012 London Games

Transport for London has launched the "spectator journey planner" online in preparation for the 2012 Olympic Games. The spectator journey planner helps visitors use the public transportation system to get ...
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mobility conquest vehicle

Disabled Vets Get Hot Wheels Despite Their Wheelchairs

The minivan has long been the standard vehicle to adapt for wheelchair accessibility, because of its low height, large interior, and capacity to carry the extra weight of an electric ...
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wheelchair accessible sign on pavement

Parking in Sweden – Laziness Not a Disability

In a passionate attempt to stop "lazy" people from parking in disabled parking spaces, members of a Swedish town's Disability Council are seeking to post signs at each space. The ...
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taxi on street

NYC’s “Taxi of Tomorrow” Falls Short on Accessibility

On April 3rd, officials in New York City unveiled the "Taxi of Tomorrow," which is scheduled to replaces all existing cabs in the Big Apple. The "Taxis of Tomorrow" does ...
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washington dc subway station

Metro Barriers in D.C. Metropolitan Area

At the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society's latest annual meeting in Las Vegas, a case was presented that found that the Washington, D.C. Metro system, although a work in progress, ...
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close up image of Yellow taxi sign on top of car at night

Increased Wheelchair Accessible Cabs in Chicago This Year

With the addition of 47 taxis, the number of wheelchair accessible cabs has increased up to 50% in 2012 in the state of Chicago. In July of this year, a ...
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Google Driverless Car

Look Ma, No Hands: Google’s Self-Driving Car

Google has been testing its self-driving cars on the roads of Nevada for a while now, but last week it called attention to this project in a big way. Steve ...
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space between traffic lanes

Disabled worker? It May Pay to Offer Commuting Accommodations

Most district courts have ruled that an employee's work commute falls outside of their employer's obligation to provide reasonable accommodations according to the ADA. However, a few courts have expanded ...
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person in wheelchair being pushed up bus ramp

Accessible and inclusive transport: can we achieve it?

Have you ever been to a foreign city and not been able to figure out the names of the stations or directions of that city’s metro? Did you feel completely ...
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a bollard and close up details of bollard design

Bollards – IRELAND 24-Hour Design Challenge

An urban navigation system won the Judges Award in the Centre for Universal Design Excellence first ever 24-Hour Design Award Challenge. The design contest consisted of five teams working with ...
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think concept car

Concept for a Futuristic Inclusive Design Car

The Norwegian Design Council has featured a concept car, designed by the electric car company Think, as an example of how companies should incorperate inclusive design in the design process ...
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