Assistive Listening Calculator – Free Mobile App For iPhone and iPad Eases Installation of Assistive Listening Systems


The ADA Compliance Assistive Listening Calculator is a free mobile program for the iPhone and iPad from Listen Technologies. The company describes it as “a complete tool-set for understanding and calculating facility requirements to meet the 2010 Standards for Accessible Design.” The app includes a calculator, e-mail capability, helpful ADA information links, product assistance and quote request button and is designed to take the guesswork out of computing for ADA requirements for assistive listening. The mobile app is based on Table 219.3 Receivers for Assistive Listening Systems from Section706: Assistive Listening Systems of the Department of Justice Title III of the ADA. The table outlines the minimum number of receivers/ALDS required based on the capacity seating of assembly areas; and the minimum number of receivers/ALDs that are required to be hearing aid compatible. The ADA Compliance Assistive Listening Calculator App is downloadable as a free app at the iTunes App Store from Listen Technologies Corp.


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