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Who Is “Worthy”? Deaf-Blind People Fear That Doctors Won’t Save Them from the Coronavirus


Rebecca Alexander volunteered shortly after Governor Andrew Cuomo appealed for mental-health professionals to help counsel first responders traumatized by the covid-19 crisis. A New York psychotherapist, she has taken calls from a young nurse who had trouble sleeping because she was haunted by the sounds of dying patients gasping for breath

Nearly 30 years after the ADA, the nation’s transit agencies report successes and shortfalls


Scott Crawford hasn’t driven a car in 20 years. A retired clinical neuropsychologist, Crawford relocated from Miami to his hometown of Jackson, Miss., in 2006, seven years after developing primary progressive multiple sclerosis. When his illness put him in a wheelchair, the bus became his lifeline, that is, when it didn’t leave him behind, which happened often and sometimes still does.