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The Best Complete Streets Policies of 2014


The Best Complete Streets Policies of 2014, released today by Smart Growth America’s National Complete Streets Coalition examines and scores each Complete Streets policy enacted in 2014. The report outlines ten ideal elements of a Complete Streets policy and scores individual policies based on these ideals. Policy elements refine a community’s vision for transportation, provide for many types of users, complement community needs and establish a flexible approach necessary for an effective Complete Streets process and outcome.

Aging in Place: A Toolkit for Local Governments


Aging in Place: A Toolkit for Local Governments is a guide created by the Atlanta Regional Commission to help local governments plan and prepare for their aging populations. The guide explains the importance of coordinating housing development regulations and healthcare supports so older adults can stay in their homes, and it also investigates quality growth practices and transportation services that allow older adults to get out and participate in the community.

The guide focuses on three issues that are critical to creating communities with successful aging in place:

  • HEALTHCARE: Integration of healthcare delivery with housing and planning initiatives
  • ENVIRONMENT: Housing and urban design
  • PLANNING AND ZONING: Housing stock and location

The toolkit also identifies five key components that need to be included in a community’s approach to aging in place; choice, flexibility, entrepreneurship, mixed generations, and smart growth. The guide provides strategies and examples of how each of these five components can been applied to the areas of healthcare, environment, and planning/zoning. The guide provides suggestions like wellness programs, prevention oriented programs, and a continuum of affordable care. One real-life example that is examined is the SOURCE Demonstration Project, a program in Georgia that offers a variety of long-term health services for older adults who might otherwise find themselves in need of nursing home care.

Finally, the toolkit explores the challenge of coordinating these various goals, and explores how meeting the need for affordable housing, appropriate and safe housing, diverse housing choices, transportation options and supportive services can provide a good starting point for preparing a community for an aging population.

View Full Report of Aging in Place: A Toolkit for Local Governments on AARP’ Website

Assistive Listening Calculator – Free Mobile App For iPhone and iPad Eases Installation of Assistive Listening Systems

The ADA Compliance Assistive Listening Calculator is a free mobile program for the iPhone and iPad from Listen Technologies. The company describes it as “a complete tool-set for understanding and calculating facility requirements to meet the 2010 Standards for Accessible Design.” The app includes a calculator, e-mail capability, helpful ADA information links, product assistance and quote request button and is designed to take the guesswork out of computing for ADA requirements for assistive listening. The mobile app is based on Table 219.3 Receivers for Assistive Listening Systems from Section706: Assistive Listening Systems of the Department of Justice Title III of the ADA. The table outlines the minimum number of receivers/ALDS required based on the capacity seating of assembly areas; and the minimum number of receivers/ALDs that are required to be hearing aid compatible. The ADA Compliance Assistive Listening Calculator App is downloadable as a free app at the iTunes App Store from Listen Technologies Corp.