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New universal design program aims to push socially responsible design into standard practice


The University at Buffalo’s Center for Inclusive Design and Environmental Access (IDEA Center), a world-recognized pioneer in the field, hopes to push universal design into standard practice with a new research-backed assessment and certification program that walks users through the entire process, from planning the project, through building design, and including facility operation.

Blind Man Develops Smart Cane That Uses Google Maps and Sensors to Identify One’s Surroundings


This electronic walking stick is revolutionizing the way that blind people can navigate the world. As a means of protecting people from low-hanging objects and obstacles above chest level, the WeWalk smart cane uses ultrasonic sensors to warn the user of nearby hindrances through vibrations in the handle.

New features at Sacramento Zoo welcome visitors with autism, dementia, PTSD and more


For some, going to the zoo can be just too much. That’s why this summer the Sacramento Zoo partnered with a nonprofit and medical professionals to make the space more accessible to sensory sensitive individuals that live with autism, dementia, PTSD and similar conditions.