Continuing Education

Online Courses:

IDeAEducation IDeA Center’s UD Continuing Education Program:

The IDeA Center online courses are for everyone: advocates, builders and contractors, planners, architects, occupational and physical therapists, and policymakers. Our expert staff will give anyone interested in the universal design of places, products, and systems the foundation needed to recognize, understand, appreciate, apply, and advocate for universal design in their homes, offices, and communities. The courses address the principles and knowledge bases relevant to solving many design problems using case studies to demonstrate the value of universal design.

Current Course List:

  • Defining Universal Design (2017)
  • Practicing Universal Design (01/04/2016 – 01/31/2016)
  • Design for Human Performance (05/23/2016 – 06/19/2016)
  • Design for Health, Wellness, & Social Participation (08/01/2016 – 08/28/2016)
  • UD and Public Accommodations (01/04/2016 – 01/31/2016)
  • UD and Housing 1: Policy and Trends (03/14/2016 – 04/10/2016)
  • UD and Housing 2: Design Applications (05/23/2016 – 06/19/2016)
  • UD and Home Modifications (08/01/2016 – 08/28/2016)
  • UD and Interior Environments (10/10/2016 – 11/06/2016)
  • UD and Products (10/10/2016 – 11/06/2016)
  • UD and Public Transportation (03/14/2016 – 04/10/2016)

aquaticThebathpeopleAQUATIC: The Bath People:
Earn CEU credit, and keep up-to-date on accessible bathware and the benefits of various hydrotherapy systems by taking one of our free and accredited continuing education courses. Available online through Hanley Wood University and AEC Daily, or as one-hour, in-person class sessions conducted by our industry experts, our courses include:

Course List:

  • Aging in Place: Universal Designs and Accessible Baths
  • Accessible Bath Fixtures
  • Health and Welfare Benefits of Home Hydrotherapy Systems


At the end of this course, participants will understand:
What is Americans with Disabilities Act? How ADA is structured and where it applies? Difference between accessibility and universal design? What is Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design? Difference between accessibility and universal design? The legal relationship between LEED and ADA? LEED references to universal design? How specific LEED strategies (i.e. preferred parking and green roofs) interact with ADA?

A 3.75 hour class approved by the NY Deptartment of State for real estate continuing education credits.

Course List:

  • LEED and Universal Design
  • LEED and Universal Design is a 3.75 hour class approved by the
    NY Deptartment of State for real estate continuing education credits.

pdh-academy-professions-logoPDH Academy:

Residential Remodeling and Universal Design” is an AIA approved architect continuing education course provides guidance on selecting and installing universal features that will improve the home for residents now and in the future and will increase the home’s marketability.  This continuing education course is approved by the American Institute of Architects for 4 continuing education hours that are classified as HSW learning units.

Course List:

  • Residential Remodeling and Universal Design

redvectorRed Vector:

A bathroom is a very personal and private space. People use the space in different ways and have different ideas about function, mood, and ambience. Universal design fits in perfectly with the design of a bathroom, in that it utilizes the design of products and spaces to be usable by all people, to the greatest extent possible.

In this course, you will explore anthropometric and ergonomic information, as well as human factors studies that help guide design of spaces. We will discuss the basic concepts of universal design, which have become essential to good bathroom planning, focusing on assessing the needs of your client in preparation for developing a design.

Course List:

  • Bath Planning: Human Factors, Universal Design, and Assessing Needs

SpecializeHomeDesignSpecialized Home Design:

Specialized Home Design, Inc. (SHD) is pleased to announce that NARI (National Association of the Remodeling Industry) has granted CEU’s (continuing education units) to our courses for the following certifications*.  NARI grants CEU’s at the rate of 0.1 CEU per contact hour of instruction time (50 minutes).

Course List:

  • The ABC’s of Home Modifications for Patients with Physical & Neurological Disabilities
  • Specialty Products for Home Accessibility and Independence
    Evaluating and Writing an Effective Home Modification Evaluation (Online only)

CateaCATEA (Georgia Tech):

This program provides practical knowledge about the application of current assistive technology and environmental accommodation solutions. The courses will prepare you to provide high quality service to people with disabilities in workplace, home, educational and public environments.

Professionals who require knowledge or practical skills to help individuals with disabilities function more efficiently in work, home, educational, and public environments, including:
Rehabilitation counselors
– Assistive technology professionals
– Professionals in building and home remodeling
– Web designers
– Occupational and physical therapists
– Rehabilitation technology suppliers
– Human resource professionals
– Contractors specializing in assistive technology accommodations

Course List:

  • Professional Education Program on Assistive Technology and Environmental Access.

UniColorado_BoulderContinuing Education, University of Colorado Boulder:

Examines the standards and methods for designing digital material which is not only accessible for persons with disabilities but also effective and usable for all users and all platforms. We will review standards for usability and accessibility, focusing on the concepts of universal design, web standards, and accessibility best practices. Topics to be covered include (x)html standards, structured coding procedures, semantic web design, user-centered design, validation tools, among others. May be repeated up to 12 total credit hours for different topics. Prereq., ATLS 2000. Recommended prereq., ATLS 3010. Same as ATLS 5519 and 6519.

Course List:

  • ATLS 3519 Special Topics in Technology, Arts, and Media: Universal Design for Digital Media

USCUniversity of Southern California:
Designed for the experienced clinician but accessible to
all master’s students, these courses are key building blocks in creating programs of study with specific occupational therapy specialty focus areas, enabling graduate students to both broaden and deepen their knowledge and expertise in cutting-edge practice areas.

Course List:

OT 560 School-based Practice
OT 564 Sensory Integration Theory
OT 571 Assistive Technology
OT 572 Ergonomics
OT 573 Hand Rehabilitation
OT 574 Enhancing Motor Control for Occupation
OT 575 Dysphagia Across the Lifespan: Pediatrics through Geriatrics
OT 576 Universal Design
OT 578 Therapeutic Communication for the Healthcare Practitioner
OT 583 Lifestyle Redesign
OT 584 Clinical Applications of Telehealth Technologies
OT 610 Sensory Integrative Dysfunction