Increased Wheelchair Accessible Cabs in Chicago This Year


With the addition of 47 taxis, the number of wheelchair accessible cabs has increased up to 50% in 2012 in the state of Chicago.

In July of this year, a new ordinance will go into effect, mandating all cab companies to provide accessible cabs. An incentive to this ordinance is that the wheelchair accessible cabs get to stay operative on the road for 5 years, as opposed to the 4 year limit that a non-accessible cabs must adhere to. In addition, if the accessible cab is in good condition at the 5 year mark, it may be granted an extension of one more year.

More costly than your average taxi, the MV-1 has been the main alternative choice of fleet owners when seeking accessible cabs. Accommodating two passengers in wheelchairs and three able bodied passengers, the MV-1 also operates on natural fuel.

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