California Companies Unveil Video Phone for People Who Are Hard of Hearing

Rocklin's Purple Communications, Inc. and Tely Labs of Menlo Park have created a smart videophone, SmartVP, which features HD and smart apps for people who are hard of hearing. Users ...
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Accessibility View: Google Maps and Accessible Sidewalks

A project in São Paulo, Brazil, is planning to collect images of the city's sidewalks and integrate them into Google Maps so that people can easily checkout the accessibility of ...
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wheelchair accessibility symbol on enter key of keyboard

Web Accessibility Lawsuits

An article in the Wall Street Journal explored the issue of web accessibility, accessibility lawsuits and the possibility that the U.S. Department of Justice will issue new web accessibility regulations ...
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Speak-Cells app

Adding Speak Cells for Accessibility in Excel

Versitas is a company that creates and trains people on how to use Microsoft programs. "Speak Cells" in Microsoft Excel is a recently discovered tool in which the program reads ...
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man holding mouthstick in his mouth

Griffin unveils MouthStick stylus for the disabled

A new accessory has been created by Griffin for iPad users who have little to no fine motor skills. The MouthStick is a long, curved stylus designed to be held ...
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woman wearing muse brainwave

Muse: Brainwave Sensing Headband

Muse is a headband with four sensors that pick up the electrical outputs generated by the wearer's brain activity. Muse connects to smart phones and tablets using bluetooth, and can ...
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video game controller

Disabled Gamer Creates Controller for People with Severe Spinal Cord Injuries

Luis Peña, a video game buff and a quadriplegic, is a former U.S. Border Patrol agent in Casa Grande. Injured on the job in 2007, he missed playing video games ...
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deaftel app

Deaftel Wireless – Phone Service for Deaf and Hard of Hearing

A new iPhone app for the hearing impaired recently hit the market late last year. Deaftel Wireless uses state of the art technology to convert a hearing person's voice into ...
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vodafone foundation smart accessibility awards 2012 image

The Vodafone Foundation Smart Accessibility Awards

The Vodafone Foundation Smart Accessibility Awards is a contest that promotes the development of apps designed specifically to improve the lives of older adults and people with disabilities. The program ...
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Color Accessibility

Designer and illustrator Geri Coady authored an interesting piece about designing for people who are colorblind on the web design blog 24 Ways to Impress Your Friends. Coady provides background ...
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luggages stacked on top of each other, one leaning on stack

Free Online Tourism Tool

The Instituto de Biomecanica de Valencia has been presented with the Ulysses Award for Innovation in Research and Technology. Presented by the World Tourism Organization, the institute was given this honor ...
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access button in place of enter button on common conceptual model of a keyboard

100 Resources for An Accesisble Website

WHdb has put together a great list of '100 Killer Web Accessibility Resources: Blogs, Forums and Tutorials.' The list is broken up into several categories, including resources for people who ...
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ipad on a stack of books

Study Finds that iPads Help People with Low Vision Read Better

At the American Academy of Ophthalmology annual meeting, researchers from the Robert Wood Johnson Medical School reported on a study that found that digital tablets improve reading speeds for people ...
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interface of wemo baby the iphone baby monitor app

WeMo Baby – The iPhone Baby Monitor

Belkin has made parenting a little more convenient with the new WeMo Baby iPhone Baby Monitor that turns your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch into a baby monitor. Setting up ...
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youtube logo

Closed Captioning on YouTube

New regulations requiring closed captioning for Internet-based video which has previously been broadcast on television went into effect on September 30, 2012. According to the Twenty-First Century Communications and Video ...
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smartphone interface

AT&T faces complaint over iPhone Facetime blocking

Public interest groups on Tuesday said they will file a complaint against AT&T for blocking certain customers from using Apple’s FaceTime video app over the mobile network, a practice that ...
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distance classroom setup with computer technology

Washington State School for the Blind recognized for distance-learning innovation

Since 2010, Washington State School for the Blind has put Microsoft's Lync software to use in an effort to keep students learning and teachers teaching – even when they cannot ...
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cover page of includification, the report

Includification: A Practical Guide to Game Accessibility

This publication form The AbleGamers Foundation includes detailed explanations of common problems for gamers with disabilities, solutions for those problems, printable checklists, developer exercises and personal letters from industry insiders ...
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department of justice seal

DOJ Releases a Report on Accessibility of Federal Government Electronic and Information Technology

The DOJ has released its Section 508 report, "Accessibility of Federal Electronic and Information Technology," to the President and Congress. The report provides findings based on a survey of federal ...
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google logo

Google’s Administrator Guide to Accessibility

This guide provides information about the accessibility of Google Apps for technical administrators, CIOs, compliance officers, and accessibility specialists for prospective and current Google Apps for Business, Education, and Government ...
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computer monitor showing BeClose interface

BeClose – New Technology for Aging-In-Place

Designed to address the common trend of seniors aging in place rather than in an assisted living community, BeClose uses motion sensors, which are compatible with beds, chairs, and doors ...
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glasses on top of eye test chart

How To Tailor Your Site for People With Poor Vision

Davey Winder has written a great article for PC Pro that explains how web designers can create websites that are more accessible for people with low vision. Winder suggests looking ...
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ambulance stretcher near the back of an ambulance van with doors open

Smart911 for Callers with Disabilities

Recently, a deaf woman lost her home and three pets to a fire. It remains unknown as to whether or not she called 911, however, her neighbors say that she ...
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mobile phones and technology for people with disabilities on the cover page of the mobile phone report

Making Mobile Phones and Services Accessible for Persons with Disabilities

The modern telecommunication revolution has sometimes excluded older adults and people with disabilities due to a lack of appropriate accessibility features. Barriers to using mobile phones and services include interfaces ...
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close up image of an eye with a target radar interface

Device Lets Disabled Write or Draw Using Their Eyes

Jean Lorenceau of France's CNRS research institute has built a prototype device that enables people to write or draw on a computer screen using only their eyes. Cameras mounted on headgear ...
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two tablets showing interface of upsense app

UpSense Brings Braille-Like Typing to Touchscreens

Developed by Israeli Company Inpris, UpSense is mobile app that provides a gesture based keyboard that works similarly to Braille typing. Each character has its own gesture, which adjusts to ...
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interface of an accessibility tool

Google Shows Tools For an Accessible Web

At its Google I/O developer conference, Google presented new and improved accessibility tools for its Chrome browser. The extention Accessibility Developer Tools allows web developers to check for accessibility features ...
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MICROSOFT word and powerpoint logos side by side

Accessible Document Cheat Sheets

Gaining Online Accessible Learning through Self-Study (GOALS) has created a new set of “cheat sheets” that help explain how to make electronic documents accessible. The following topics are covered: • ...
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parking mobility logo

Parking Mobility App

Parking Mobility is a mobile app that helps individuals with disabilities and their supporters report handicapped parking abusers. Offered on three popular platforms, Android, iPhone and Blackberry, Parking Mobility allows ...
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finger on tactile touchscreen

Tactile Touchscreens

Two companies are developing different technologies that might soon make using your flat touchscreen a more tactile experience. Tactus Technology is developing buttons that rise up from the surface of ...
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accessibility keyboard button on a common conceptual model of a keyboard

Web Accessibiliy Barriers for Older Adults

The Journal of Emerging Trends in Computing and Information Sciences recently published an article exploring the problems that older adults have accessing web-pages. Older adults often encounter barriers to accessing ...
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Social Security Administration logo

Disability Employment App Challenge

The Social Security Administration and Department of Education have issued a challenge; create an app that will help address the issue that people with disabilities have a significantly higher unemployment ...
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axs map logo

AXS Maps

AXSMap is a crowd sourced accessibility map that allows people to share their reviews of the accessibility of local restaurants, stores, hotels, and other public venues. Once registered on the ...
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wheelchair user symbol on 'enter' button of typical keyboard

Government Acknowledges Need for Better Web Accessibility

In the summer of 2011, President Barack Obama asserted the need for the enhancement of technological accessibility. In attempting to be more compliant with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act, ...
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dismiss notification of barcode description

LookTel releases recognizer app for the visually disabled

LookTel, which came out with the Money Reader app last year that helps the visually impaired accurately count money, has come out with a new app using the same technology ...
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Blind person road traffic sign over clear blue sky

App Will Help People Who are Blind, Visually Impaired Navigate Streets

Researchers at the University of Minnesota are developing an app that would assist people who are blind and visually-impaired cross the street, informing users which direction they’re going, and how ...
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fingers on screen

Georgia Tech Develops Braille-Like Texting App

Imagine if smartphone and tablet users could text a note under the table during a meeting without anyone being the wiser. Mobile gadget users might also be enabled to text ...
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interface of vital signs camera app with a male user's face being profiled

Vital Signs Camera App

emote monitoring and telehealthcare are topics that often get raised when people discuss the future of the Aging In Place movement, and this app from Phillips may be a sign ...
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interior view of airport full of people

RNIB Gets Tough With bmibaby Over Accessibility

The Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIBP) has sued the UK airline, bimbaby, over the accessibility of its website. People using screen readers or non-mouse navigation were unable to ...
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phone in hand

Sprint Mobile Accessibility App

Sprint has worked with the developer Code Factory to develop the Mobile Accessibility app geared toward the visually impaired. The application focuses on providing audio feedback to navigate the phone ...
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wheelchair accessibility symbol

Accessibility features need support, too

A few years ago, Apple Inc. captured yet another huge slice of the consumer market by releasing a new iPhone that was, out of the box, completely accessible to blind ...
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walking path on a map

Navatar: Navigating Users With Little to No Sight in Indoor Spaces

Human Computer Interaction researcher Elke Folmer, based out of the University of Nevada, Reno, has developed an interior navigation system for people with little or no sight. Instead of relying ...
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interface of ADA Compliance Assistive Listening Calculator

Assistive Listening Calculator – Free Mobile App For iPhone and iPad Eases Installation of Assistive Listening Systems

The ADA Compliance Assistive Listening Calculator is a free mobile program for the iPhone and iPad from Listen Technologies. The company describes it as "a complete tool-set for understanding and ...
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a man using a computer mouse

Issues using the Walmart and John Lewis websites with the Jaws screen reader

This video from Ability Net explores the problems that keyboard users and screen reader users can face when attempting to navigate through an inaccessible website. Issues such as non-descriptive link ...
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Global Public Inclusive Infrastructure (GPII) logo

Global Public Inclusive Infrastructure (GPII) w/captions and description

Raising the Floor, a consortium of academic, industry, and non-governmental organizations and individuals are working to develop what they call the Global Public Inclusive Infrastructure, a cloud-based personalized interface system ...
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african american man wearing a wireless Emotiv headset


The Emotiv headset is a personal computer interface that works by detecting facial expressions and electric signals produced by the brain. Some of the applications currently compatible with the Emotiv ...
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helen osbourne

Communicating Across a Life Span: Universal Design in Print and Web-based Communication

Universal design is an important concept in effective communication. Signage, for example, addresses people’s diverse abilities when it includes easy-to-recognize graphics, large print, raised or Braille lettering, and color combinations ...
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Finger touching screen of U-verse_Easy_Remote

U-verse Easy Remote App

TV provider AT&T U-verse recently launched an app that allows their customers turn their iPhone or iPad into a Universally Designed TV remote. When used on an iPad, the remote ...
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Instagram for People who are Blind

Tommy Edison, also known as "the Blind Film Critic", posts movie reviews on hisYouTube channel that are filled with humor and charm. In addition to his movie reviews, Edison has ...
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captcha interface

Advocates Fight CAPTCHA

Australian consumer and disability organizations have begun a campaign to reduce the use of CAPTCHA, the visual tests used by websites to distinguish human users from automated computer bots. CAPTCHA ...
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person walking in a hallway with others siting the background
Recreation: A younger gentleman walking with an older man in the park
Public Buildings: aerial view of city buildings
Streets: people crossing an intersection
Housing: exterior view of a suburban house
Transportation: close up of dangling handles on a bus