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Australian volunteers navigating the streets of Vientiane

Opinion: People with disabilities are the experts in disability-inclusive development

With the right levels of support, people with disabilities make highly effective development workers. Many people with disabilities possess attributes that are actively sought in the sector: They are natural ...
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New Barbie inclusivity line, with a doll that uses a wheelchair and a doll with a removable prosthetic leg

Barbie gives inclusivity another try with new wheelchair and a prosthetic limb

Barbie is making moves to broaden the definition of beautiful. In June, Mattel will debut a doll that uses a wheelchair and a doll with a removable prosthetic leg as ...
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A young man operates an Xbox Adaptive Controller, which makes gaming accessible to people with a broad range of disabilities.

How People with Disabilities Are Using AI to Improve Their Lives

Advances in artificial intelligence have spurred the development of smart devices to help people overcome physical and cognitive challenges. And, this may just be the beginning ...
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Individual using the new VR Musical techology

How we’re designing musical instruments with the help of disabled musicians and VR

Virtual Reality technology opens up new experiences and possibilities in music for people with disabilities ...
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Rendering of playground sought to build this playground at Smith Elementary School, as well as one at Hope D. Wall School, in Aurora.

West Aurora schools seek donors to help build ‘inclusive’ playgrounds

“We thought this was a great opportunity to partner with an organization that understood some of the unique design challenges of creating a truly inclusive space where all children can ...
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Young boy using the new Microsoft Adaptive Controller for Xbox One

Microsoft’s Super Bowl ad will make you cry–over a video game controller

Microsoft’s new, 60-second spot, which will air during the fourth quarter this Sunday, is a surprisingly heartwarming mini-documentary produced by McCann Worldgroup, about a group of kids with disabilities who ...
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Male in a wheelchair, with hands resting on a keyboard

How Inclusive Design Drives Innovation

Designing for inclusion means continuously asking the right questions in an effort to push the boundaries of software design and pave the way for a future where no user gets ...
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Dominoes pizza box

Domino’s under fire for UX: Top tips for inclusive digital design

Domino's is facing backlash against its non-inclusive website. Sigma's Hilary Stephenson shares top tips on managing user experience for customers with ranging abilities so SMEs can lead the charge where ...
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Illustration with pale yellow background. There are four figures, all sitting down. One of the figures is sitting in a wheelchair

When Empathy Isn’t Enough

Designers need to go beyond empathy to include the disabled community as participants in design solutions ...
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Women on laptop sitting in an office

Designing For Accessibility Doesn’t Drive Costs; It Drives Opportunity

In 2014, H&R Block paid $145,000 to settle a suit filed by the U.S. Justice Department that claimed the company’s website, created by HRB Digital LLC, violated Title III of the Americans ...
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Chieko Asakawa

The blind woman developing tech for the good of others

An accident in a swimming pool left Chieko Asakawa blind at the age of 14. For the past three decades she's worked to create technology - now with a big ...
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web page illustration

There’s already a blueprint for a more accessible internet. If only designers would learn it

The internet can be a hostile space for 15% of the world’s population who experience some form of disability ...
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illustration of a high five

Inclusion is designing the future

There is a growing interest in making inclusion a positive goal for companies, teams, and products ...
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A woman and a man looking at a phone screen

Digital and Disability: How Inclusive Design Makes Life Easier

Each of us, regardless of where we’re from, our gender, class or disability must be able to access and make the most of the digital tools around us. They connect ...
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How One Advocate is Pushing For Accessibility In The City’s Museums

“The world was never made for people who are sitting down full time,” experiential designer Ben Baker says. “The world was made for people who walk. Everywhere you go, there’s ...
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Audio level waveform

Designing with sight impairment in mind

Today we’re excited to launch a brand new guide designed to promote the inclusive design and management of nature-based settings ...
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Inside of a classroom with desks and chairs

Flexible Seating for the Universal Design for Learning

My students need to have more seating options when they walk into my room ...
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A comparison of the colors one sees with normal vision, Deuteranomaly, Protanopia and Tritanopia

Designing UI with Color Blind Users in Mind

While the science behind color blindness is pretty complex, the gist of it is that color blind people have difficulty seeing color clearly or differentiating between some colors. With this ...
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US Farmer with a prosthetic leg picking tomatoes

The Clever Tech Keeping America’s (Many) Disabled Farmers on the Job

As many as one in five US farmers suffers from a disability that impacts their physical health, senses, or cognition. Offsetting that statistic and keeping Americans fed are technologies like ...
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Pink graphic of wheelchair user moving through doorway

Better by Design

Companies can make work far easier for disabled employees, if they want to ...
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women in wheelchair looking at staircase

A Smart City Is an Accessible City

A new breed of accessibility apps can make life easier for people with disabilities. They can also make it harder ...
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Close up of man in glasses

Sight-Impaired People Want to use Technology but are Excluded by Cost and Accessibility

Since the advent of home broadband, smartphones and other internet-enabled devices, there has been a shift in how we communicate with each other. The internet has certainly made many aspects ...
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At the Pankalo Education Center in Lake Elmo, Minn. the size and placement of windows were designed to optimize natural light and a breakout room off the main classroom is available for one-on-one therapy or quiet time.

Sensory-Friendly Design Enters The Classroom

As more students with special needs enter school systems nationwide, educators are increasingly designing their classrooms to boost behavior and academic performance ...
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Roger Ideishi, an occupational therapy professor, directs a program that makes art spaces accessible to people with disabilities.

Program accommodates people with disabilities in museums, art exhibitions

An occupational therapy professor directs research to improve public experiences for people with autism-spectrum disorder ...
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Detroit Skyline

Month-long Detroit Festival Pushes for Inclusive Design in the City

Detroit was the first city in the United States to be designated a UNESCO City of Design by the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization ...
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Carrying a push chair down the stairs in a London tube station

What would cities look like if they were designed by mothers?

Architecture’s lack of diversity shows in environments created by people who never need step-free access or to take a bus ...
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We are not simply disabled by our bodies but by the way society is organised.

It isn’t a wheelchair that makes my life disabled, it’s buildings without ramps

We are not simply disabled by our bodies but by the way society is organised. It isn’t my use of a wheelchair that makes my life disabled, it’s the fact ...
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Man in wheelchair moving through a crowd

A Really Smart City is an Inclusive City

It’s clear that smart cities won’t happen overnight. Now is the time to begin the process of building integrated, tech-enabled cities, with a seamless flow between the different services provided ...
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Luke Anderson wants us to reconsider the importance of design

Inclusive Design Benefits Everyone, Not Just People With Disabilities

Luke Anderson has thought a lot about designing accessible spaces. And he's come to an important conclusion. "It's not us that have disabilities, but it's the places we live, work and play ...
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The prosthetic leg, called the Fin

The Fin

Researchers have developed a new prosthetic leg that will allow amputees to swim without having to worry about switching to a waterproof prosthetic leg as they get in and out ...
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Gunnedah council staff and councillors take a small step towards experience disabled challenges.

Disability Access

Mayors around regional New South Wales are getting a glimpse of what it's like living with a disability while asking residents to point out where their towns are falling short ...
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elderly women walking on brick walkway

Would You Take the ‘Walk to Get Your Groceries’ Challenge?

Strong Towns wants to change the way Americans see the places they live—such as what a walk to the store reveals about infrastructure ...
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Front page article of the "walk of shame" story

A Front-Page Insult to People With Disabilities

A New York Post cover story advances the harmful notion that if someone can walk, they must not have a disability ...
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elder women hugging her dog

Adapting Activities for People with Alzheimer’s Disease

Doing things we enjoy gives us pleasure and adds meaning to our lives. People with Alzheimer's disease need to be active and do things they enjoy. However, don't expect too much. It's ...
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Graphic image of a user standing and a user sitting at work

Your coworker with the annoying sit-stand desk may be onto something

A yearlong study finds that most employees would probably benefit from having the option to stand at work ...
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Log resort cabin

Top 5 Accessible Resorts in America

If you are thinking about planning a relaxing getaway in 2018, there are several resorts across the country that offer outstanding accessible accommodations. Whether you are looking to explore the ...
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User testing the virtual reality simulation goggles

Virtual reality is helping people with disabilities conquer overwhelming real-life situations

"This is a safe, quiet environment where they can experience the task in a simulation before actually doing it in the real world." ...
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Lobby of 100 Broadview Avenue in Toronto, a residential conversion designed by Quadrangle with human-centred principles and universal access.

Shouldn’t All Design be Human-Centred?

Currently, the various cousins and alter-egos of universal design remain in the realm of selected advocates. For many architects and designers, this is considered a “speciality” area of design, pursued ...
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Targets new "All Inclusive Bathroom".

Inclusive Bathrooms: Let’s Start Talking About It

Just a few short months ago, it seemed as though the whole world was in an uproar about Target and their “All inclusive/transgender/ bi-sexual/gay bathroom” policy. People were talking about ...
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nthony Moffa, a software engineer at Chase, was diagnosed with autism at age 48.

Where Autistic Workers Thrive

Social interaction and communication skills can be a challenge for people with autism spectrum disorder, but companies looking to hire untapped talent for tech-related jobs are discovering that those with ...
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Writer Lisa Shapiro, who has struggled with dyslexia her entire life, frequently researches and writes at the New York Public Library.

How Technology Helped Me Cheat Dyslexia

Innovations in brain research and AI-fueled assistive technologies could level the playing field for those with language-based learning disabilities ...
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Students from Gann Academy in Waltham presenting an exhibit they created on the history of people with disabilities

The History of Disability Was To Hide It, But Waltham Students Bring It To Light

There were no tests on the syllabus. There was no homework, per se. In this unique course at Gann Academy in Waltham, the task was to create a museum-worthy exhibit ...
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A blind individual with a walking stick, walking with a friend, in a building with inclusive design features

Access All Areas: Designing Spaces and Places for Diverse Sensory Needs

For those with specific sensory experiences — from deafness and blindness to autism — the design of spaces can help or hinder. Increasingly, architects and clients are working together to ...
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fashionable prosthetic leg display at the Cooper Hewitt Museum

Bringing Accessible Design to More People Than Ever

NewsHour Weekend's talks to New York City's Digital Accessibility Coordinator about the importance of accessible design and tours an exhibit at the Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum that highlights these ...
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Graphic of men and women in a circular graphic

Designing Equality

How design thinking can help tackle gender bias in the workplace ...
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Three screenshots on the iphone of the accessibility features.

Vision-Focused Accessibility Efforts

A new article published last night by The Wall Street Journal takes a look into how accessibility-focused technology has the "potential to fundamentally change the mobility, employment and lifestyle of the blind ...
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Lance Wyman looking at a computer screen

Wayfinding With Lance Wyman

A talk with the designer behind some of North America’s most famous subways, walkways, zoos—and pretty much any other place people need help finding their way around ...
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Image collage of scientific images, including formulas and photos of Stephen Hawking.

Approaching Disability Like a Scientist

People with disabilities are underrepresented in STEM ...
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Individual with development disabilities, giving a high five to an adult

Connecting Individuals with Developmental Disabilities with Service Information

The Parent Network of Western New York will be launching a new effort to help families of individuals with disabilities ...
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Pinterest's new color palette for their product's that’s accessible with a 3.00:1 contrast ratio and up.

Seven Best Practices for Inclusive Product Design

At Pinterest, our mission is to help you discover and do what you love. We’re building a product for everyone, because the best Pinterest is inclusive and easily usable for ...
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Microsoft Xbox Adaptive Controller

Microsoft’s Xbox Adaptive Controller

Every gamer with a disability faces a unique challenge for many reasons, one of which is the relative dearth of accessibility-focused peripherals for consoles. Microsoft  is taking a big step toward fixing ...
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person walking in a hallway with others siting the background
Recreation: A younger gentleman walking with an older man in the park
Public Buildings: aerial view of city buildings
Streets: people crossing an intersection
Housing: exterior view of a suburban house
Transportation: close up of dangling handles on a bus