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Children play in a schoolyard converted to a community playground in Philadelphia.

U.S. Mayors Agree: Everyone Needs a Great Park Within a 10-Minute Walk

Non-profits, 134 Mayors Launch National 10-Minute Walk to a Park Campaign ...
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Young man assisting an elder couple onto a public transit bus.

How to Make a Community More ‘Age-Friendly’

Transportation options, healthy living, access to palliative care - all are essential ...
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Nicely plays with his bulldog, Xerxes, in May 2015.

This veteran lost his limbs, but not his resolve

Todd Nicely lost all four of his limbs while serving as a U.S. Marine in Afghanistan. Federico Borella has been photographing him as he adjusts to life as a quadruple ...
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Photo of the book; perspectives and building empathy

Good design is inclusive design

Inclusive design has the power to mediate our relationship with the world-across experiences, power and locations ...
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Sensory sketch image done by James Merry

Sensations of Sound: On Deafness and Music

I am deaf. But getting cochlear implants led me to explore more deeply what music meant to me ...
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Individual in a wheelchair is testing out a disability-friendly video game.

Games for people with disabilities

Gaming programmers are now developing video games to be "disability-friendly" ...
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3 pieces of abstract art by Matt Cardinal. One featuring an eye, another featuring an insect with open wings, and the third with a large M in the center;

Designing for Diversity

The UX design community has been buzzing about diversity and inclusion. Diversity and inclusive design are no doubt on the forefront, as we come together as a global economy ...
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Photo of young girl looking at a smartphone

Technology may be useful for children with disabilities

Researchers asked children and young people with disabilities to test watches and special smartphones. This technology can contribute to an everyday life with more play and entertainment ...
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Individual walking their two dogs on the outside of the San Francisco Civic Center. He appears to be one of the few on the outside of the building that is one of the liveliest public spaces on the inside.

Designing a More Inclusive City

Over the years, public seating has been removed from virtually the entire city. While this anti-homelessness strategy has given way a little with the emergence of the city’s many parklets, ...
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Author, Lia Seth, with a front row seat to her favorite band, Fastball.

Accessibility and the Kids Who Go to Shows

Lia Seth, who was diagnosed with  Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome at age 23, speaks to the issue and lack of awareness for those with disabilities being able to have accessible seats at shows ...
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This is a photo of Bex, a 28-year-old deaf artist from the San Francisco Bay Area

Deaf Painter Discusses Being an Artist with a Disability

28- year-old San Francisco Bay area resident, Bex, was born and raised in Los Angeles, and is the only deaf person in her family. Bex explains the daily obstacles of making ...
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Bathroom accessibility sign

Inclusive design: Accessible toilets today

Jean Hewitt, Director of the Centre for Accessible Environments, explores the subject of toilet design and supply and some of the issues for today’s society ...
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This puffer jacket has Velcro side seams, which makes it easier to put on and take off. This could be beneficial for kids who spend a lot of time sitting down or have difficulty with gross or fine motor skills.

Target Is Releasing Adaptive Apparel For Kids With Disabilities

As part of its popular Cat & Jack Line, Target will soon launch adaptive apparel with features for kids with disabilities ...
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Disability Scoop Logo - The Premier Source for Developmental Disability News

More Businesses Embracing Inclusion

Corporate America is increasingly working to include people with disabilities with a new report finding that a growing number of companies are actively recruiting from this population ...
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Cartoon illustrating elderly women using a ride share phone application to obtain a ride.

Uber, but for Grandma

Rideshare startups tackle the senior-transport crisis, and test problem-solving the limits of tech ...
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Aging in place home remodel featuring floating counter top and sink for accessibility

Before you replace even a doorknob, think of the future: Aging-in-place houses never looked so great

"If you love your home and your neighborhood, remodeling to suit your future needs or a family member coming to stay is a good option" ...
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Service dog in the office with its owner

More businesses are opening up to people with disabilities

People with disabilities are often disregarded by hiring managers who bring their own personal biases into the hiring process ...
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Satya Nadella speaking at the Ignite conference in Orlando, Florida.

Technology should empower people, be accessible: Satya Nadella

Asserting that every piece of technology should help embellish the capability of human beings, Microsoft's India-born CEO Satya Nadella has said the technology should not "degrade" humanity but provide new ...
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A self-driving shuttle at Texas A&M

Are self-driving cars the future of mobility for disabled people?

Self-driving cars could revolutionize how disabled people get around their communities and even travel far from home. Self-driving cars present fundamentally new ways to think about transportation and accessibility ...
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Disabled wheel chair user moving through a transit station

‘I feel like a second-class citizen’: readers on navigating cities with a disability

We asked readers with a disability to share their experiences – good and bad. Their responses show the many ways people can be shut out of their communities ...
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Individual testing the new virtual reality goggles

Virtual Reality Project May Give New Wheelchair Users a Confidence Boost

A group of designers has made a virtual reality system that lets people push a real wheelchair through a virtual world. This new system will give the newly-disabled may soon have ...
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Disabled models walking in London Fashion Week

National Inclusion Week: take a stand on accessibility

National Inclusion Week is underway, which focuses this year on the theme of connecting for inclusion: getting people to link with those outside their usual networks, sharing new ideas and ...
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Armless, red chairs lined up against the wall.

Accessible building design is more than just code compliance

It’s time we think outside the BCA box, and identify barriers to access from a range of occupant perspectives. This is second nature to OTs, but it can be easily ...
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Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella chats with Jenny Lay-Flurrie at the 7th annual Microsoft Ability Summit.

Hitting Refresh on Accessibility

Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella released his new book, Hit Refresh. In it he shares the inside story of our quest to rediscover Microsoft’s soul and imagine a better future for everyone ...
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Young woman seated at a table using the audio app on a cell phone.

Designing an Inclusive Audio Guide Part 1: An Introduction

This is the first post in a series about the development process of The Warhol’s new audio guide ...
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Yellow bumpy pavement, or detectible warning paver, placed at edge of sidewalk leading into the street.

Here’s The Purpose Of Those Sidewalk Bumps

They aren't there for traction, as we thought ...
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Christina Mallon models her specially designed coat.

Nonprofit Merges Hi-Tech and High Fashion to Make Clothes for People With Disabilities

Design centered around people with disabilities can be edgy, transformative, and push the boundaries for innovation in health and technology ...
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Disabled man navigating his wheelchair

Google Gets Serious About Mapping Wheelchair Accessibility

The tech giant is tapping into its global army of users to make its Maps app more useful for people with disabilities ...
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Photo of Haben Girma, author of article and disability rights lawyer

People with Disabilities Drive Innovation

Employees with disabilities drive innovation. Inventive solutions to an impairment lead to advances in science and technology ...
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Shingo Kunieda,one of the most accomplished men’s wheelchair tennis players in the world, competing in the men’s doubles semifinals at the United States Open

The Man Who Keeps the Wheels Turning at the U.S. Open

Shingo Kunieda, one of the most accomplished men’s wheelchair tennis players in the world, explains his experience of a chair malfunction that occurred at the first wheelchair match at Arthur Ashe ...
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Digital display map of a streetscape

AI’s problem with disability and diversity

In machine learning, the computer looks at data and creates patterns to help it understand the world. It predicts how things will act in the future, and then make decisions ...
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collage of people with disabilities

Why we need more stories of disability that aren’t about overcoming disability.

Most stories that reach mainstream audiences about disability require the person to “overcome” it. You’ve seen the headlines: “Paralyzed bride walks down the aisle” or “Paralyzed student walks on graduation ...
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Isabella McGough

The hidden challenges of invisible disabilities

Millions of people work with disabilities they rarely talk about, but greater awareness can help both employers and employees, writes Jessica Holland ...
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illustration by dadu shin

Seeing Outside the Disability Box

Not long ago I had an experience that most authors wish for. Someone recommended my book ...
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fashion designers fitting a person in a wheelchair

The Next Phase of Inclusive Fashion: Designing for the Disabled

It’s an understatement to say that those of us with free range of movement in our arms and legs don’t realize how easy it is to shop for clothes ...
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office employee in wheelchair

Inclusive workplaces: It’s more than just getting in the door

Barriers in the built environment like stairs, manual doors, or narrow doorways are all common obstacles that stop people with disabilities, or aging seniors, from accessing workplaces. But it’s not ...
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Ashley Bobich, left, working with Christine Bowers at the Shirley Ryan AbilityLab on learning to prevent falls.

If you fall, reading this story might help ensure you’ll get up

As a student at Chicago’s Moody Bible Institute, she often finds herself in crowded corridors. She uses the cane as much to alert those around her that she has mobility ...
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drawing of large man with a cane and small elderly man

The Myth of Disability ‘Sob Stories’

Accommodations serve the invaluable purpose of ensuring the human dignity of people with disabilities — our ability to participate in society as completely as possible without being de facto quarantined ...
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boy from charlie and the chocolate factory looking at a note

User Experience and Experience Design: From the Material to the Experiential

The wake-up experience created by an alarm clock substantially differs from the experience created by sunrise and happy birds ...
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sign language graphic

Giphy wants to help you learn American Sign Language through these new GIFs

GIFs can do more than add a sassy quip to the end of your tweet. Now, they can even help you learn a new language ...
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Microsoft Inclusive Toolkit

Kat Holmes on Microsoft’s human-led approach to tackling society’s challenges

The O’Reilly Design Podcast: Building bridges across disciplines, universal vs. inclusive design, and what playground design can teach us about inclusion ...
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Marca Bristo, founder of Access Living, spoke at a February Forefront panel on making disabilities part of the diversity conversation for nonprofit boards.

People with disabilities: The new diversity frontier

Two local groups, Access Living and ADA25 Advancing Leadership, are trying to make disability part of the diversity conversation ...
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person holding a handrail

How To Change Design Exclusion: A Guide To Inclusive Design

A short while ago I was researching for a project where I was designing an inclusive saucepan. After observing my mum, who is a wheelchair user, struggling to use saucepans ...
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sketch of farmers market stand

How One Florida City Is Reinventing Itself With UX Design

Make Gainesville the best place to live and work, courtesy of human-centered design ...
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modern scooters for older adults

New Old review – everything you need for a techno-utopian retirement

From next-gen mobility scooters to bloodstream nanobots, this pop-up exhibition explores how technology can better help an ageing population ...
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Using the PEAC system to open a door

Architect designs smart nursing home controlled by the blink of an eye

When landscape architect Steve Saling was diagnosed with ALS in 2006, he was determined to live as well as he could. "Our society treats prisoners with more dignity and respect ...
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Accessibility advocate Rick Hansen

‘Man in Motion’ Rick Hansen says more incentives needed to design accessible buildings

Canada's Man in Motion Rick Hansen says creating a program for celebrating and certifying accessible buildings — patterned on one that certifies buildings for environmental design — could encourage building designers to create more inclusive spaces ...
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On the road with self-driving car user number one

Back in September of 2015, I called my old friend Steve Mahan to invite him on a drive unlike any we’d done before. Steve, who is legally blind, was no ...
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person walking in a hallway with others siting the background
Recreation: A younger gentleman walking with an older man in the park
Public Buildings: aerial view of city buildings
Streets: people crossing an intersection
Housing: exterior view of a suburban house
Transportation: close up of dangling handles on a bus