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people's heads turned in crowd

Does ignoring a 1 billion population make business sense? Are you thinking Accessibility?

And the answer would be: "No! Why would I ignore 1 billion potential customers?" "Oh yes, accessibility, my business reaches everyone" The reality is quite different. Most businesses including yours are ignoring ...
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A boy tries to shoot a basket designed to be wheelchair-friendly at the "2015 Universal Design Expo" which opened at the Dongdagemun Design Plaza

Seoul Design Week features minority-friendly design expo

Seoul Design Week, which opened at the Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) and COEX, Wednesday, features a large expo of minority-friendly designs, among other design exhibitions and festivities. The "2015 Universal ...
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Max Cleland recovering at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, circa 1968.

PBS documentary follows the history of disabled veterans

When Ric Burns set out to tell the story of wounded veterans in his documentary, Debt of Honor, he found their journey was part of a much bigger narrative ...
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a little person walking on crosswalk in city

My Photo Essay For Dwarfism Awareness Month

“Dwarves are still the butt of jokes. It’s one of the last bastions of acceptable prejudice,” said “Game of Thrones” actor Peter Dinklage. Catcalls, mocking, gawking, strangers taking photos are ...
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Celia Chacon

Cooking With Disabilities: An Exercise In Creative Problem Solving

But there are over 38 million Americans with severe physical disabilities, and not everyone is a Master Chef. So how does the rest of this population find ways to navigate ...
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elise roy tedx

Elise Roy: When we design for disability, we all benefit

"I believe that losing my hearing was one of the greatest gifts I've ever received," says Elise Roy. As a disability rights lawyer and design thinker, she knows that being ...
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The children who leave autism behind

Autism is usually thought to be a lifelong condition, but a small number of children lose the core symptoms and shed the diagnosis. Some researchers are beginning to explore how ...
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Andrew Richard / BuzzFeed / Courtesy of Oliver Sacks

How Oliver Sacks Helped Introduce The World To Autism

Autism and its many forms may be widely discussed today, but it wasn’t until the famed neurologist and writer told the story of identical twins George and Charles Fin in ...
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illustration of wheelchair user symbol painted on earth

My grandfather’s cane: social consciousness and 25 years of ADA

In 1990, Congress passed and president George H. W. Bush signed the Americans with Disabilities Act into law. Twenty-five years later, as many across the United States celebrate a quarter ...
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shannon kelly and friend

My perspective on inclusive study abroad

Shannon Kelly is studying journalism at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. She has a passion for travel, loves animals, and never turns down an adventure.  Even though traveling in ...
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young man standing in sea kicking up water

Kids With Autism Can Read Emotions Through Body Language

People with autism face a host of difficulties in a society that doesn’t always accommodate them and stereotypes that even undermine experts’ views on the disorder. Due to the social ...
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back of a man's head in streetscape background

The Ageing Population: A Grey Tsunami or A New Opportunity?

The global population is older than it has ever been. But the grey brigade could provide a new era of productivity and hope for the world, writes Oliver Haenlein. In ...
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fred maahs

More Americans Have A Disability Than You’d Think

About one in every five Americans reports having a disability, according to results from a new nationwide survey. About one in eight adults say they have mobility limitations, such as ...
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douglas j usiak

25 years after landmark Americans With Disabilities Act, efforts to aid the disabled continue

For two decades Douglas J. Usiak worked to drum up support for a law protecting the rights of those with disabilities. He went to rallies, organized voter registration drives and ...
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man in wheelchair working in workshop

25 years of disability rights

The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 changed society to be more accessible and inclusive. Twenty-five years later, here's a look at some of the law's biggest changes -- and ...
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inaccessible curb

Smashing barriers to access: Disability activism and curb cuts

In 1945, Jack Fisher of Kalamazoo, Michigan, celebrated a victory, one of the first of its kind in the United States. Jack, a disabled veteran and lawyer, was elated because ...
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When Our Society Is Not “Ready” to Be Inclusive Everybody Loses

When Our Society Is Not “Ready” to Be Inclusive Everybody Loses “Nico will get to participate as an audience member.” With those words, the teacher explained why my son, a ...
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closeup of senior hands holding walking aid

Once seniors are too old to drive, our transportation system totally fails them

A few years ago, my grandfather gave up his car. During the early years of his retirement, he'd been very active, volunteering at the local library and chauffeuring older folks ...
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aeriel view of people in wheelchairs lined up on concrete pavement

How the World is Failing People with Disabilities

The nations of the world came up with 8 Millennium Development Goals in 2000 but they didn’t factor in People living with disabilities. Here is how they are failing us ...
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child dressed up as a superhero

Incredible Photo Series Helps Kids With Disabilities See Their Inner Superhero

Renee Bergeron is a professional photographer living in Bellingham, Washington. Her 4-year-old son, Apollo, was diagnosed with a double aortic arch, a rare heart defect, when he was 18 months old ...
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portrait of man

Why disabled achievers should be remembered

A free-thinking poet with visual impairment, a painter with learning difficulties, a sculptor with schizophrenia, a painter with cerebral palsy, that's what I've been talking about on Radio 3's The ...
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A teacher communicating with a student who is deafblind via the manual alphabet, circa 1894.

Beginnings of Deafblind Education

Before any child who was deaf and blind had been educated, philosophers had long speculated that the mind of a child who was deafblind could reveal what is basic and ...
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person walking in a hallway with others siting the background
Recreation: A younger gentleman walking with an older man in the park
Public Buildings: aerial view of city buildings
Streets: people crossing an intersection
Housing: exterior view of a suburban house
Transportation: close up of dangling handles on a bus