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Until recently, the only way for people to find out about accessible venues was through word of mouth or by reading usually outdated accessibility guidebooks maintained by local disability advocacy groups. AbleRoad™ is a new website and app that uses the power of crowd-sourcing to find a better way to connect people with accessible places. Anyone can use AbleRoad to easily locate, rate and review the accessibility of community places like restaurants, stores, hotels, grocery stores, salons, theaters, medical facilities and more.

AXS Maps


AXSMap is a crowd sourced accessibility map that allows people to share their reviews of the accessibility of local restaurants, stores, hotels, and other public venues. Once registered on the site, users can contribute their reviews of a location’s entry, ramps, elevators, restroom accessibility, Braille menu availability, signage, and other similar criteria. Users of the service can access these reviews to quickly and easily find accessible businesses nearby or in a future travel destination. Of course, like all crowd source products, AXSMaps will become more extensive the more people use it. Check it out and review locations near you.