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CAPABLE Study to Research Benefits of Aging in Place


Johns Hopkin’s CAPABLE study is reaching out to 800 low-income residents of Baltimore to gather data on whether simple interventions can allow people to remain in their homes longer. The CAPABLE project – which stands for Community Aging in Place, Advancing Better Living for Elders – was created by Sarah Szanton, a faculty member at the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing, and focuses on simple home modifications and strategies for completing activities of daily living.

The research project will bring handymen, occupational therapists and nurses to residents’ homes in order to investigate their needs and create custom interventions. The cost is about $4,000 per participant, while the average cost for nursing home care in the U.S. is $6,700 a month. Keeping people in their homes longer can have huge economic benefit and healthcare benefits, which is why the study is being funded by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services along with the National Institutes of Health.

Meet MIT AgeLab’s A.G.N.E.S


Ever met a youngster who complains more than an elderly person? The Age Lab at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has created a unique suit called “Age Gain Now Empathy System” (AGNES) that gives the wearer an idea of what it might feel like to be limited in everyday tasks that may be taken for granted. Outings like going to the grocery store or even traversing up the stairs can be quite a different experience when you’re a senior, and the A.G.N.E.S. will allow researchers to learn more about this.

The device has bungee cords that compress the spine, shoes that are covered in foam to affect balance, bands on the arms and legs that reduce the range of motion in these limbs, and goggles that offer similar vision loss to that of a senior.

The overall goal of the suit system is to help researchers learn more about the challenges that some of the elderly community faces, more specifically when trying to age-in-place and drive safely.